Hazelnut Panforte

This recipe converts “fruitcake” from a Christmas joke to something delectable. You can find the recipe here.

panforte (2)

My notes: I am still trying to find the correct baking time. For me, the stated time of 55 minutes is too long. I would start checking it between 30 and 40 minutes. The recipe says it is done when “bubbling slightly at the edges.” Pay close attention because the edges start to burn first and become overly chewy/tough.

I use this recipe for the candied orange peel.

Shopping list (ingredients may not have on hand already)
hazelnuts (shelled will save time)
pecan halves
pitted Medjool dates
dried tart cherries
dried Mission figs

Menu planning tip
If you do not plan on eating up the oranges used in the candied peel and grated rind, The Meganutrient Shake makes a great light dinner or breakfast the next morning.

Epicurious, although I originally saw this recipe in Bon Appetit.

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