The Meganutrient Shake

I love this for breakfast, when I am not in a rush (I just can’t gulp a shake down), or as a light late dinner.


The recipe says this is one serving, but I love splitting it with someone else who enjoys the wonderful blend of flavors.

The recipe also uses milk, but I substitute almond milk.

Shopping list (ingredients that may not be on hand)
plain nonfat yogurt
dried apricots

Menu planning tips
I make this the day(s) after I make the panforte to use the oranges that I left skinless from the candied peel and the grated rind used in that recipe. (Notice the panforte in the upper right corner of the photo.)

The dried apricots need to reconstitute, usually by soaking the night before.

The Anti-Aging Plan by Roy L. Walford and Lisa Walford, page 175 in the 1994 edition.

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