Wheat Breakfast

This travels well in a Tupperware/glass container and waits in a refrigerator at work or school until I am ready for breakfast. It is much more filling than yogurt on its own, and I love the combination of textures and flavors.


There are many recipes on the internet combining wheat berries, walnuts, and cranberries as a lunch or dinner side dish, often called some variation of wheat berry salad. There is one from which I originally got my inspiration for what I turned into breakfast, but I cannot locate it now.

wheat berries (1/4 cup pictured above, I usually use a little bit more)
dried cranberries
walnut pieces, broken up
yogurt (I like orange crème flavored, but vanilla or raspberry works well too)

The night before, place the wheat berries in a sauce pan with water, heat to just below a simmer,* and keep at that temperature for about a half hour. I usually just make sure it has at least a half hour, but then forget about it until I am ready to put it away (i.e., just before going to bed), making sure it does not cook dry. Drain in a strainer that has holes smaller than the wheat berries and then transfer to a bowl with plastic wrap covering if eating at home the next morning or to a Tupperware/glass container if taking with you somewhere the next day. Place the wheat berries in the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning, mix in a full yogurt container and your preferred amount of dried cranberries and walnut pieces.

[*There is a line of thought that not boiling ingredients like wheat berries keeps the enzymes intact and thus is more healthy. I try, but if it boils and then I reduce the heat, I do not get worked up about it.

Also, most recipes try to gauge the amount of water and cooking time so that the water is completely absorbed and you do not have to drain the wheat berries. Not worrying about the amount of water and just draining them is faster and easier for me.]

What are wheat berries? Just regular wheat grain. I actually do not like this term because I find it confusing, but it seems to be the accepted standard descriptive label, so I use it here to be consistent.


I have enough uses for wheat that I buy it in bulk and then store it in a five-gallon bucket. However, to make things convenient and more likely to be done when I am rushed and busy, I store some of it in a Rubbermaid container in the kitchen cupboard.

Shopping list (ingredients that may not be on hand)
dried cranberries

Menu planning tip
See above recipe instructions: The wheat berries are cooked the night before to soften.

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