Pizza (with Vodka Sauce) and Grilled Vegetables (and Review of Plated)

[This is not a sponsored post. I wish it were, for reasons* that will become clear soon.]

I saw Plated’s presentation on Shark Tank (Rosebud and I love seeing the business ideas people come up with!). I found Plated’s web site and liked their page on Facebook. I am glad I did–they advertised getting four free meals (two menu selections, the minimum order size) and a trial membership (membership gets you a cheaper price on future orders).

For you non-vegetarians out there–the other menu items have almost made me reconsider that life choice.


I probably could have rolled the dough thinner–it rises, but it was great as it was.

Our box arrived yesterday and I made the Pizza with Grilled Vegetables tonight. So good!

Ingredients Included in the Box
yellow bell pepper
red onion
fresh basil
crushed red pepper
crushed tomatoes
heavy cream
flour (yes, in a little bag–enough for dusting the dough-rolling surface!)
pizza dough
shredded mozzarella
crumbled goat cheese



Some Really Cool Things About This Dish
My house smelled great after tearing the fresh basil. The basil in the grocery store always looks wilted. I know I could be growing it in a planter or a pot, but I have been a bit busy surviving law school* lately.



You know I love to cook. That said, do you know how much fun this was? It was almost like having a prep assistant, I would think. I minced the garlic (already peeled!) and sliced the vegetables. That was it. Everything else was in a bag I took out of the fridge and was already measured. That meant less time and also less clean-up (normally, I would have measured out the cream).

From Shark Tank, I learned that one of the premises behind Plated is that there is quite a bit of food waste in most home kitchens. For example, this recipe called for 2 cloves of garlic, 1/4 cup of heavy cream, mozzarella cheese, and goat cheese. Unlike if I were buying the groceries, I received exactly the correct amounts of those items in my box. If I had bought the groceries, I probably would have used up the garlic and mozzarella before it went bad. I am not sure about the goat cheese (I love it in recipes like this, but do not use it generally), and I definitely would have had to throw out the rest of the cream (I would not even use it up in coffee since I do not drink coffee). This was great!

As a relatively new vegetarian, I have been searching for new recipes to add variety back into my diet. This looks like it might be a fun way to try new types of recipes.

Things I Learned About Plated
1.  The box is insulated well and has re-usable ice packs in it. My daughter used it as a cooler for some leftover food she wanted to take with her this afternoon.
2.  We have been having heat in the 90s. No problem.
3.  The ingredients were very high quality. I was so impressed. As noted above, the basil was better than what I usually find in the grocery store. I could tell the mozzarella and goat cheese were high quality, too. Actually, everything was. The vegetables were beautiful and the pizza dough was good.
4.  They have excellent chat on the web site. See number 5 and 6, below. Shout out to “Sammy” for the excellent help.
5.  You can change the delivery date to see future menu options.
6.  They are opening a new fulfillment center for the east coast soon.


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