Stuffed Pumpkin

I am taking a quick break from studying all about federal jurisdiction to post my latest vegetarian find–the new recipe we tried for Thanksgiving this year!

One of the tough things about setting a vegetarian Thanksgiving table is the missing centerpiece of the plated turkey–the Norman Rockwell image. We all know we love the sides–but there is a visual element as well. I loved this for both reasons.

triveg table

Note that we had the Sweet Potatoes in Orange Cups again.
That’s because they are wonderful!

Also, the leftovers are great, which is another Thanksgiving win.

Shopping list (ingredients that may not be on hand)
dried apricots
dried pitted prunes
apple juice
pre-sliced wheat bread
vegetable stock

Menu planning tips
Start looking for the pumpkin early. I am not sure that baking with actual pumpkins is done enough for grocery stores to carry the best for cooking. The recipe advises to try to get one that is “buff-colored.” Also, ours did not need to be quite so large!

triveg pumpkin

The recipe does not call for walnuts, but I want to try adding them next year. I did not include the celery used in the recipe, and I think walnuts would be a nice replacement texture and taste.

Next year I am going to soak the fruit longer and use more juice (both for soaking and in the stuffing).

Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon, page 428 in 2002 edition (directions for preparing the pumpkin on page 423).


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