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This is the beginning of a companion blog to my main blog BJJ, Law, and Living. In September 2013, my daughter and I decided to “try out” being vegetarian. We love it.

So, I am compiling and categorizing my old-favorite and newly discovered recipes here.

While I love cooking, am great at following a recipe, and adjust them to my palate over time, I am not a recipe creator. So, I will not be publishing recipes. If there is a link on the internet, I will link to it. If a recipe is only found in a cookbook, I will post the source.

Although I post “shopping lists” at the end of the posts, they are the ingredients I may not normally have on hand (i.e., I normally have ingredients like spices, flour, sugar, and butter).

If it is a cookbook source, I try to provide a link to I am not an affiliate (I do not make money if you purchase it). I provide the link because it is a great way to get more information about books.

All photographs are my work. Hopefully, they will improve in quality over time.


A bit of a disclaimer: You may notice that my focus in recipe selection does not start with its “health quotient.” I believe life, and food, is meant to be enjoyed. Food should be delicious–and ingredients easy to find. So, if I find a “healthy” recipe that tastes great–it will be here. If I have an old favorite recipe that does not even attempt to be healthy but happens to be vegetarian (my only requirement), then it will be here too.

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