I do not drink alcohol.

So, there may be notes here and there in the posts mentioning that I leave out the alcohol in a recipe and what I may substitute in its place.

While not drinking alcohol started out as a religious choice, I think (I hope) I would have eventually reached the same lifestyle decision. If I do not use drugs or smoke cigarettes in order to be at my physical and mental best, if I now do not eat meat, and if I try to make healthy choices overall, it seems logical to me not to consume a poison. Of course, the same could be said about sugar, preservatives, colorings, additives, etc., which I do not avoid so carefully. So, I do not judge anyone else for their choices.

I am aware that most or all alcohol cooks off, just leaving the flavoring. Here’s the thing:

Alcohol is expensive.

Some recipes only use a little bit. It is just not worth it for me. I would rather substitute something else that I will otherwise consume and ostensibly has at least some nutritional value.

It just comes down to a personal choice. But, since any recipe that I link to on the internet or reference in a cookbook is in its original form, you have the best of both worlds for your own decision-making. Either way, enjoy the diversity of food with which we are blessed and the genius of people in creating amazing recipes!

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